Digital Freebie Ideas [Copy These 6 Freebie Ideas]

Written by Michael Cheney. Posted on 3rd March 2021

Digital Freebie IdeasDigital freebie ideas can be hard to come by. Get all the ideas you need to create the best digital freebie with this free guide.

I'll show you the different types of freebie you can create and how to create them.

I'll even give you some sample freebie titles you can swipe and deploy for yourself.

If you're in a hurry, you might be asking;

What Are The Best Digital Freebie Ideas?

1. Choose a powerful title which refers to the solution you offer

2. Use written information like Ebooks, Reports, Guides or Cheat Sheets

3. Use audio files or transcripts to quickly create a valuable freebie

4. Harness the power of video to offer video training, courses or walkthroughs

5. Offer coaching or sample consultancy to truly help people and win the sale

6. Provide cost-based incentives, discounts and offers to encourage people to buy

Now it's time to get into all the meaty details of each of these reasons to look at the data, the conclusions and the alternative methods to building a responsive, profitable email list, quickly...

1. The Best Digital Freebie Ideas Start with a Title

Digital Freebie TitleWhat you call your freebie is actually more important than its contents.

If you choose the wrong title for your freebie, t doesn't matter how good the quality is nobody's going to download it.

You need to apply core copywriting principles when creating the title for your freebie. And once you've created it be sure to apply these lead magnet strategies.

One of the best ways to do this, and easiest is to use this formula;


Prospect MindsetOf course, in order to do this you need to understand your prospect's mindset.

You need to know what it is they really want in the first place.

You need to know the they possible solutions they've been offered in the past which they really don't like.

Ideally, your freebie title should combine curiosity, desire, pain solution and mystery.

It needs to make a big promise, about what they're going to get when they download it.

You need to show enough content to get them interested in intrigued, but not so much that they think they know it all.

Don't let your prospects jump to assumptions about the content inside your freebie.

If they think they know exactly what it's going to be about.

They won't even bother downloading it.

Make sure you connect everything in the title of your freebie and the way you describe it to your prospects' ultimate goal.

This may be money, weight loss, getting good sleep at night, etc.

Whatever you do, don't call your freebie "a freebie",  don't refer to it as a "free report" or a "free PDF".

This is an absolute snooze fest.

If you do this you are guaranteed to turn off your prospects instantly.

Okay, so we've spoken about how you create the best title for your freebie.

Now it's time to talk about how to actually create your digital freebie...

2. Digital Freebie Ideas Using the Written Word

Written PDF FreebiePros:

On the plus side, creating freebies using the written word is technically the easiest way to create a freebie.

You don't need any fancy software, you don't need any technical experience, and you don't need any equipment.

It's also one of the easiest forms of content to digest.

People don't need to have their speakers turned on.

They don't need high speed broadband, they can read written content wherever they are.


The downside to using the written word for your freebie, is it takes longer for you to create.

You need to be good at planning in advance so you can structure your content, there needs to be an organised layout for how you're presenting the information.

It needs to flow from one piece to the next to keep people engaged and excited.

You need to combine education, and entertainment in what you do.

Otherwise people won't get enough value, or they will just go to sleep.

How To Create Written Content

The easiest way to create written content is actually not to write it at all.

You can use transcription software such as

Or you can even use the free inbuilt tool with Google Docs.

Once you have the words written down, you can then format them and turn them into a PDF.

You can create a PDF, which is a format of document anybody will be able to download and read, no matter what their computer or device using Microsoft Word.

Google Docs or an online PDF creator can help you do this.

Again the power in this is using a title, which evokes people's curiosity and gets them excited enough to want to download it.

Here are some sample titles for you, for written-style freebies;

  • My Secret Rolodex of Killer Resources
  • My Personal Notes on the Best Way to XYZ
  • The Best-Kept Secrets of XYZ
  • What They Don't Want You To Know About XYZ
  • The 7 Top XYZ
  • Time-Saving Cheat Sheet
  • The Definitive Checklist on XYZ
  • The Ultimate Homestudy Program on XYZ (Email course)
  • Copy and Paste Swipe Files to Help You ABC

Okay, Let's move on to the next section...

3. Using Audio as a Digital Freebie

Audio Digital FreebiePros:

The pros of using audio as a digital freebie is it's easy for you to create.

You can literally just talk into a microphone, and give the recording away.

People are a bit more forgiving, when you're talking into a microphone, than with the written word.

You don't need to spell things correctly.

It doesn't matter if your grammar is a little bit off.

As long as you're delivering valuable content, people will forgive, the way that you talk, and your presentation style.


The downside is you will need a little bit of equipment to do this.

But even using a smartphone is a simple way to record an audio.

You can grab free audio recorders, from any of the app stores.

If you want to take things to the next level, you could get a professional microphone or a simple Plantronics headset to plug into your PC or laptop.

None of this is required.

You may want to scale up eventually.

But to start with just focus on getting a freebie created.

What you say is far more important than how you say it, or how you record it.

Here's some sample titles for you, that you could use for audio type freebies;

  • Never Before Heard Interview
  • Exclusive Underground Recording About XYZ
  • Secret Confessions of a XYZ
  • Secretly-Recorded Audio Transmission

Now it's time to move on to the next section...

4. How To Turn Videos into Digital Freebies

Digital Video FreebiePros:

The biggest plus point of all to using videos is the connection it lets you make with your prospects, other than being face to face, nothing will build rapport quicker than a video.

People get to see you.

They get to know you like you, and trust you.

This is very difficult to achieve with the written word, and to a lesser extent with audio.


The downside is there is a lot of technical requirements that go along with creating good quality video.

Rather than get hung up on these, the easiest way is just to hit record on your smartphone.

How to Create Video Freebie

Make sure you're indoors to avoid background noise face a window so you have some good natural light, and just start talking.

Of course you could spend hundreds of hours perfecting your videos, buying professional lighting equipment, getting plugged-in microphones, using green screens and so on.

This all comes later.

You can get started right now, just by using your smartphone.

Here are some sample titles for you, that you can use for video freebies;

  • Behind the Scenes Video
  • Exclusive Footage
  • Learn and Earn Videos
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials on How To XYZ

Let's move onto the next part of this...

5. Offering Coaching as a Digital Freebie Idea


This is one of the best digital freebie ideas. The benefits of offering coaching consultancy or direct access to you as a freebie, is it enables you to demonstrate your service in advance.

There's no better way to convince somebody to do business with you, than to help them directly.

Offer Coaching as a FreebieCons:

Of course the downside to this is it's not very scalable.

You don't want to give the farm away, either.

You don't want to give so much of your time expertise or energy away that there's nothing left for you to charge for.

If you're too generous with this, you also risk torpedoing your chances of getting a sale at all, if people think you are readily available for free.

However, this is something easy that you can offer...

How to Create a Coaching Freebie

It can be as simple as giving your cell phone number, letting people jump on a Skype call or joining you for a zoom video call.

You can even offer this through Facebook Messenger, or in a private Facebook group.

The other benefit to this is you can re-use the content, assuming you get permission from the customer.

So you could coach a number of individuals for free for a half hour session each and record these sessions.

Then, if you get permission, and you keep the information anonymous, you can then package these recordings up into a paid product or into a digital freebie in its own right.

Offering access to yourself like this also enables you to get a deeper understanding of your prospects and customers.

You will really get to understand their pain points, how they think and what they really want from your business.

Here are some sample titles, you can offer for coaching or consulting type freebies;

  • Exclusive Breakthrough Webinar
  • Free Private Consultation
  • Breakthrough Live Training
    Access to an exclusive Private Facebook group
  • The "Get Help Hotline"

Now let's move on to the next section...

6. Using Purchase Incentives for Your Freebie


Discount IncentiveThe pros of using purchase incentives, obviously, that it gets people to buy your product or service.

They're also easy to create and take very little time.

Often, you can just add a simple coupon code to your existing product, or manually drop the price for a certain period of time.

Alternatively, you could offer a buy-one-get-one free scenario where if they invest in one of your products, you give them another free of charge.


The downside to this is you're not adding any additional value.

There's no journey that you're taking people on - you're not building any kind of rapport.

You're not demonstrating proof of the product, showing people case studies or success stories.

You're not building the backstory of yourself or your company.

You're teaching your prospects to make a buying decision based purely on price.

This can be effective in the short term, but in the long term, it could harm your business prospects.

The type of words you can use for these kind of freebies are very limited.

Because this type of freebie itself is limited by its nature, you're restricted to using things like;

  • Free trial
  • Discount
  • Special Offer


You asked;

What Are The Best Digital Freebie Ideas?

As you've seen, there are different types of digital freebie ideas, you can use for different circumstances, some are better than others.

Some are easier to create than others.

The most important factor of all is having the best title for your freebie.

Whether you use the written word, audio, video, personal access to you, or a purchase incentive using any of these digital freebies will help you grow your list, grow your sales and grow your business.

Now download this kick-ass digital freebie below;


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