This 1-Day Email Campaign Made $67,281.50

Written by Michael Cheney. Posted on 9th February 2021

Email Campaign Case StudyYes - this one day email campaign really did make $67,281.50

I do, however, need to be totally upfront with you, and explain that this one-day campaign has been used multiple times;

The earnings you see below are a combined total from the various times we used this campaign.

This is a big lesson for you right away...

$67K email campaignIf you can promote an evergreen product, and it performs successfully, you can reuse that email campaign again and again.

We have re-used this campaign, multiple times, usually with a gap of four to six months.

There is a series of simple steps involved in running this campaign and I'm going to walk you through them right now...

Step 1. Choose the Perfect Offer

Choose The Perfect OfferThe first thing you need to do is choose a great offer.

Now of course, it needs to be congruent with the list that you've built.

It needs to be related to whatever you offered people, when they first opted in, if your email campaign is going to be successful.

It needs to be perfectly-matched to what people really want, and what they need.

This is what I call the "chocolate-covered broccoli" approach.

You're giving people what they need, which is the broccoli, but also what they want, which is the chocolate.

"The ideal offer should solve a painful problem which keeps people awake at night."

Urgency Countdown to DeadlineYour offer needs to solve this problem quickly and easily, and have the best possible price.

You also need to have a reason why you're running this promotion.

Ideally, there should be some form of scarcity;

If you're only say, selling a certain number of units.

Alternatively, you can include urgency - where you will offer a discount which expires at a certain time.

"You can even combine urgency (a deadline) and scarcity (limited units) for maximum results."

To really get the most out of this strategy is best to choose an offer, which you can use again and again.

Hopefully if you've applied some of the strategies that we teach on how to build your email list fast, you'll be regularly getting new subscribers onto your list.

This means you can run this promotion again and again, at periodic intervals throughout the year.

Okay, let's move on to the next step...

Step 2. Set the Scene to Prevent Push-Back

Set the Scene for Your Email CampaignIt's important that you set the scene for your promotion, with your very first email.

You need to explain to people why you're running the promotion, and also what they can expect in the hours ahead as you start hitting their inbox.


This tactic is not for everybody.

If you only email once a week right now, switching up to a campaign where you email multiple times in one day is going to lead to a huge numbers of unsubscribes for you.

You need to adjust this accordingly.

My email list is used to getting daily emails from me (and sometimes more than one email a day).

I'm only able to do this, because the emails I send are EDUTAINING - they educate people in some way, and they are also using entertaining stories.

"This strategy works when you have been sending educational and entertaining emails to your list."

So be sure to make sure you are using tactics which help you boost your email engagement rate.

As you can see with my first email;

1030am EST
SUBJECT: Cheney's Halloween Madness

I'm trying a weird experiment.

I'm doing a 1-day launch.


It's on my flagship list building program "List Building Blackops" which shows you every step I took to build a list which has raked in over $6M online.

But check this Moto;

I've gone absolutely positively bonkers here because I'm running a ONE DAY special on this for today only

(hence "Halloween Madness")

Why am I doing this?

Because I've got a "spare" day in my promo calendar today so why not help you get your own 6-figure list and make some moolah in the process?

Dealio time:-

You need a list to make biiiig money online so if you want one (or want to increase the size of your current one) then you know what to do;

Michael Cheney

I just explained what was going to happen.

I told them I was doing a weird experiment, that I had a spare day in my promotional calendar, and that I wanted to generate sales.

Nothing too complicated.

Just being transparent, and telling them what's about to happen.

And of course, including a link for people to buy the offer in the first email.

List Building Black OpsThe offer question is for my flagship list building programme called List Building Black Ops and it regularly sells for $197.

But for the duration of this special, one-day promotion, I made it available for just $97.

But notice how I give a reason, and explanation behind this, and everything that I do in each email.

This helps to prevent push-back.

If you don't tell people what you're doing and why you're doing it, they will jump to their own conclusions.

They will make assumptions about your email marketing strategy and either complain, unsubscribe, or just delete your emails.

This is why you need to be upfront with your subscribers.

It's time to move on to...

Step 3. Stand Out from the Crowd with an "Us vs. Them" Story

Stand Out From the CrowdIt's important you differentiate yourself from your competition.

One of the best ways to do this with your email marketing, is to use the "Us versus Them" story.

This is where you position yourself as better, or superior option, to your competition.

This is not about bashing your competitors or painting them in a bad light, necessarily, but just illustrating to your subscribers, the ways you are different.

This is the email that I sent to achieve this;

1230pm EST
SUBJECT: The money's in the... (oh crap)

Don't you just hate it?

A schmooroo gives you a "pearl" of wisdom like "the money's in the list" but fails to provide the details.


The money is in the list.

No shit Sherlock.

The question is - how do you get a list?

The answer (luckily for you Moto) is in this training I've created for you;


And yes - expect lots of emails from me about this today because it's super-critical you have your own list so I'll be whacking you over the head with this until you buy or unsubscribe.

Michael Cheney

As you can see, it pokes fun at gurus, explaining how they regularly use the phrase;

"The money is in the list."

My prospects hear this phrase, all the time - it's something they're very familiar with.

By talking about this, I get them on my side.

It then has a feeling of "US together, versus THEM - the Guru's trying to sell you stuff over there."

"You want to position yourself as being part of the prospect's 'team'."

Pointing Out The CompetitionWhat you're trying to achieve here, with this type of email, is to get people to metaphorically nod their head.

You want people to knowingly agree with what you're saying.

This is almost like an inside joke.

It could be something they've seen from your competitors that they recognise, and that possibly irritates them in some way.

Notice how I don't pick out a guru by name.

I keep this very general.

It's best not to point fingers, personally, at individuals, because this can backfire;

Either from the individual themselves, or from the negative impression you give your subscribers.

This ties in with the over all theme of being transparent and upfront.

"When you're selling in email, the key is to be honest. Don't hide from anything."

Make The Skeleton DanceThere is a saying about not hiding your faults which goes;

"Make the skeleton dance."

The idea is...

If there's something you feel people might be thinking, perhaps negatively about your promotion, you need to come right out and mention this.

Don't hide from anything.

If your offer has a slight downside, or a weak spot - talk about it.

Turn it into a positive.

Okay let's move onto the next step...

Step 4. Repeat the Time-Sensitive, Call to Action

You'll notice in every email I send throughout this campaign, there is reference to the deadline.

I'm not shy about repeating the deadline.

I regularly tell them why they need to buy right away.

If anything, I probably go a little bit over the top with this;

[main content of each email went here, and every email had the following sign-off...]


Michael Cheney

I don't recommend using as much capitalization as I did! 🙂

My list is used to this approach, but yours may not be.

The important point, however, is to repeatedly mention the impending deadline, or the scarce nature of your promotion, in EVERY email.

I repeatedly tell my subscribers that they can "get $100 off, but only today".

I also remind them that "the price is going up tonight".

"Give your prospects a reason to buy right now in every email."

Lead Your Prospects to the SaleSome business owners who engage in email marketing, don't make this part of their strategy.

They shy away from telling people what to do.

You need to do the opposite.

Be very clear in your instructions to your subscribers - at every point tell them what's happening and what's coming up.

Explain what they need to do right now.

Don't assume they will put the pieces together;

"Even if your prospects understand what is happening every step of the way, you still need to lead them to the sale."

And of course, without any form of urgency (like a deadline) or scarcity (limited units), this whole one day campaign strategy, just won't be as effective.

You can still schedule several emails throughout the course of a 24 hour period, and get great results.

But when you combine this with the urgency of a deadline, and missing out on a discounted price, it really gets great results.

So keep mentioning the deadline, and why they should buy, in every email.

Okay, now let's move on to...


Step 5. Use Future-Forwarding to Get More Sales

Future-ForwardingThis is a very effective strategy, but it is underused in email marketing.

Very few people use stories in their email.

Even fewer use stories, combined with future-forwarding.

Future-forwarding is where you paint a picture for your prospect about what can happen for them in the future, when they buy your offer.

Entrepreneurs often focus on the immediate benefit to their prospects of buying their product or service.

What they fail to recognise is;

"Many prospects will buy a product for what it will do in the future, not just what it can do right now."

If you can paint an accurate picture in the mind of your prospect, about what their life may be like, after they bought your product - you will generate more sales.

As you can see in my email;

3pm EST
SUBJECT: Can we talk about hookers and coke?

Lookie here...

My list has made me over six million bucks in the time I've been doing internet marketing.

Quite the figure.

But I haven't blown a single cent of it on Playboy bunnies, cigars or coke.

I'm married, don't smoke and am teetotal.

Instead I've invested it in property, stocks and my family's future.

You, of course, may put your millions into something else entirely.

It's your call.

Either way - if you're gonna make truly life-changing money like this one thing is certain;

You'll need a list.

Which is why I thought it might be a beezer idea to 'fess up to every single list building secret I've ever used to get red hot subscribers paying you money hand over fist;


Michael Cheney

prospects-imaginationI explained what this picture may look like for my prospects.

I spoke to them about the money that I've generated from my email list.

I also used humor, to talk about how some other people spend their money from their email lists and how I do the opposite.

Because my product is all about how to build an email list, this shows the prospect the potential earnings they could get when they get the product.

It also gets the prospect to think and imagine what their life will be like in the future, after they've got the offer.

By doing this, you put the prospect into a post-purchase frame of mind.

They feel as if they've already taken the decision to buy your product.

Before you do this, they are still just reading your email, deciding whether or not to buy the offer.

"When you use the future-forward method, it moves the prospect to a place in their mind where they have already bought your product."

Buying DecisionProspects move past the buying decision crossroads in their mind, to a point where they feel they already own your product or service.

They can imagine themselves enjoying the benefits and the spoils of your offer.

Another easy way to do this is to walk people through your post-purchase process.

Show them what they're going to get.

Give them a walk through your members area.

Create a screenshot, or short video of your download page.

Explain what they will get from you after they buy, and how they will access the product.

All of these things help people imagine already being a buyer of your product.

"Future-forwarding moves prospects past the crossroads of decision about whether to buy or not."

Okay, let's move onto...

Step 6. Write Curiosity-Creating Subject Lines

Subject Line CuriosityCuriosity is one of the most-powerful, psychological triggers for generating sales;

People want to know the answer to thing - they like solving mysteries.

People want to fill in the gaps.

This is best-illustrated by harnessing the power of the best email subject lines.

When you create subject lines that really tap into curiosity, you will get more clicks, more opens and more sales.

You need to be careful though...

"Make sure that your subject lines tie into the content of your email and the theme of your offer."

Just using a subject line which happens to make people curious, but has nothing to do with your offer, or the content of the email, is a surefire way to get spam complaints.

But done correctly, you can get way more opens and clicks, and sales by using curiosity-evoking subject lines.

Take this example;

511pm EST
SUBJECT: The $6 million finger

I love my "pointy" finger.

Or the index finger as you're supposed to call it.

Here's why:-

My right index finger has made me $6,925,419.04.


Yes. Practically every last cent of the six mil I've made online has been as a result of clicking "Send" with my pointy finger and sending an email.

Checketh ye this:-

Last week alone my finger clicked "Send" producing sales of $8251 (it was a slow week).

The catch here is you need a list to be able to do this.

And while every "expert" under the sun tells you this is where the money is - hardly anyone shows you how to get your own list.

Well I've decided to set the record straight;

I sat down in my Bat Cave and documented the entire list-getting process which you can follow to get your own money-making list as soon as today.

Yes - even if you're just starting out and don't know anything.

So flex your pointy finger right now and click on over to this special link get your own money-making list today;

(HALLOWEEN MADNESS: SAVE $100 OFF TODAY ONLY. Price is going up at Midnight New York Time TONIGHT)

Michael Cheney

Mouse ClickPeople need to know what the $6 million finger is.

  • Was it chopped off?
  • Was it part of a ransom note?
  • Is it something that was insured?
  • Whose finger is it?
  • Why is it worth $6 million?

I then go on into the email to explain, that is my right index finger, which has clicked "Send" on emails which have made over $6 million.

This then connects to the story about building a list, and how they need to buy my product, which shows them how to build an email list.

"The best email campaigns always start with the curiosity-evoking subject line."

The story continues and draws people in, and then the call to action connects everything together.

In the part where it says,

"Flex your pointy finger right now and click on over to this special link to get your own money making list today."

And once again, notice how I repeat the deadline, and what they will miss out on if they don't buy this before midnight tonight.

There's actually another powerful way you can use curiosity, to generate more sales in your emails.

Let's talk about it now...

Step 7. Bring Home the Bacon with Brilliant Bullets

Create Curiosity with Bullet PointsUsing bullet points is one of the best ways to make sales in your emails.

The most common place that you see bullet points is actually on a sales letter or a web page.

But this doesn't mean you can't use them in your emails.

Using bullet points in this way creates open loops in the mind of the prospect.

They are attracted by the main benefit mentioned in each bullet point, and are desperate to know the answer to each one.

Initially, the only way they can solve their curiosity, is to click the link in your email.

Ultimately, they need to buy the product to find out the answer.

These kind of "fascination bullets" create a sense of fascination for your prospect.

"Using bullet points gets your prospects excited about the result which is promised, and excited about finding out the answer to how it is achieved."

The key to creating bullets like this, which generate more sales, is focusing on telling people WHAT they can get, but not revealing the HOW.

Highlight the much-desired outcome, in each bullet - but don't reveal the method used to attain it.

By doing this you harness the twin powers of curiosity and desire;

You can get your own list and be making money with it superfast by following this step-by-step video training where you'll discover shizzle like;

* What the richest list-builders know about squeeze pages that others don't. (And how to use this secret right away no matter if you're a stone-cold newbie.)

* The best way to get people on your list if you're lazy and hate work. (I'm not gonna say there's no work involved but this is hands-down the easiest way I know of to get a list fast.)

* A secret squeeze page hack which gets your more subscribers. (I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I saw how powerful this was - you'll love it.)

* A secret "Jack Bauer technique" which gets you more subscribers with less work. (And yes - you can use this to get your own list in the next 4 hours.)

* How to create a professional subscriber-attracting freebie without spending a penny or knowing anything. (You'll discover my patented formula and secret free tools for creating award-winning freebies which fill your list with hungry buyers.)

* And money-vault-loads more besides...

On your marks, set, go...

(HALLOWEEN MADNESS: SAVE $100 OFF TODAY ONLY. Price is going up at Midnight New York Time TONIGHT)

Michael Cheney

Bullets Are Like HeadlinesEach of the bullet points is almost like a headline in its own right.

They act as mini-stories.

Think of them as being like the first line in a book;

If it doesn't draw you in right away, then you're not going to read the rest of the book.

You won't even read the first paragraph.

As you can see with my example, these bullet points are designed to draw people in - each one of them uses a special hook.

They are designed to make people want to know the answers.

"If you use powerful bullet points like this, you will dramatically increase your email open rate and the number of sales you make from your email marketing campaigns."

There's something else you need to be doing in your marketing emails for this campaign.

Let's discuss it now;

Step 8. Be Transparent

Email Process FlowEntrepreneurs like to complicate things.

Quite often we look at simple processes and work out how they can be improved and then;

Before we know it, we end up with a rat's nest of complications and headaches. 🙂

The same occurs with email marketing.

People tie themselves in knots, thinking it's more complicated than it actually is.

"Email marketing is simple - use story, be transparent and tell people why they should buy your offer."

In this email, which is sent around four hours before the deadline, I use transparency;

815pm EST
SUBJECT: When will they learn?

"You send too many emails," they say.

Ahh the old chestnut;

Some ignorant bod telling me how to run my business.

I get it.

We're all busy people and clogging up your inbox with promo after promo using all the cliches like;

"You've never seen anything like this."



"It's live go, go, go."

Yes - shizzle like that is totally unacceptable.

But from what people tell me - my emails are different.

Edu-taining even.

And every time I send one out I make at least enough money to pay for the computer I wrote them on (and sometimes enough for a small car).

So I'm gonna email you a lot.

When you get a list you should do the same thing.

Get the asset then use it.

And I'm especially more prone to emailing you when it's about a great product I truly believe in which is an ESSENTIAL purchase for every marketer;

Like my "List Building Black Ops" training I've been shilling today.

You need this.

And you need to get it before midnight EST tonight otherwise you'll pay $100 more.

Here's the link you need to click on and buy it;

Michael Cheney

It also uses a variation on the "Us versus Them" concept, by painting a negative subscriber in a bad light.

I occasionally get people who complain that I send too many emails.

These are people who cannot read. 😀

I like to poke fun at them and make them the subject of future emails, like this one.

Side note:

"Isn't it funny how broke people love to give advice to successful entrepreneurs?"

Broke Email SubscriberThis email sets out my stall...

It explains why the emails I send are different.

It also explains the results I'm getting from my email list.

It shows the prospect that I make money every time I send an email, and why I'm sending more emails for this particular campaign.

Notice how this is not a straw-clutching justification, but just a very simple explanation of how things are.

Even if people don't buy as a result of this email, they will at least understand where I'm coming from.

"Transparency sells. Period."

They will recognise how my business works and why I send the emails that I do.

Those that are interested in building their own list, and buying my product, will have a greater understanding of this as well.

So the lesson here is simple;

Just tell it like it is.

Don't try to hide anything - be upfront with your prospects.

"Tell them what you're doing, why you are emailing them, and why they should buy your offer."

All aboard - it's time to jump onto the next section...

Step 9. Use Humor to Break Up The Campaign

Use Humor in Your EmailsUsing humor in email marketing is a tricky area.

You have to be careful.

Do it too much, and you will sacrifice sales.

If you never use it, and all your emails are dry and boring, your engagement rate will suffer.

Ultimately - you need to be yourself.

"If you have fun writing your emails, people will have fun reading them."

In this light-hearted email, I wanted to break up the feel of the campaign slightly, with a different approach.

As this campaign was run close-ish to Christmas, the reference to Santa was kind of topical;

920pm EST

SUBJECT: BREAKING NEWS: Santa is not a douchebag

He's overweight.

He's got an unseemly beard.

And he scares little children.

But Santa is not a douchebag.


Because he's got a list.


Unlike most would-be marketers out there Mr. Claus has got his shit together.

Whether he got all the names from a squeeze page remains to be seen but one thing is clear;

He has a list.

You need one too.

Because list = money dontcha know?

So put your favorite red pants on, grab a cup of cocoa and fill your sack with money-making goodness here; (PRICE GOING UP BY $100 AT MIDNIGHT EST TONIGHT)

Michael Cheney

I also used the urgency-angle in the subject line with "Breaking News".

This light-hearted approach enables you to go under the radar;

Notice how this is not a straight promotion.

This is not a "Buy This Now" type of email.

It's fun.

People get involved.

"If you hook people in with a story and humor they pay attention."

Get Attention With StoriesIn this example, I was talking about Santa having a list.

Not an email list of course, but that enabled me to connect it to my offer.

This lightened up the whole campaign, rather than it being a full on promotional campaign, for its entirety.

This email injected a few giggles into proceedings.

This keeps people on your side, even if they're not interested in buying your offer.

It helps to keep your prospects engaged in your email campaign.

It wasn't the most responsive, or profitable email, of the campaign, but it helped to bridge the gap, over to the final section of the campaign.

Let's talk about that now...

Step 10. Squeeze More Sales as the Deadline Approaches

We now have just 99 minutes left until the end of the campaign.

The deadline is fast-approaching...

Most business owners wouldn't dare send multiple emails in one day like this;

1021pm EST
SUBJECT: 99 minutes and it costs you $100 MORE (List Building Black Ops)

Run over here like Usain Bolt;

Wanna recap?

This = Money.

The End.

Michael Cheney


1130pm EST
SUBJECT: Are you awake? List Building Black Ops going up by $100 any second...

the price is doubling at the top of the hour so grab this now


But most entrepreneurs, don't get the results from email marketing like we do. 😉

This is all about educating your list.

If you send boring promotional emails all the time, then of course you can't send more than one a day.

(Otherwise your subscribers will jump off a cliff).


"If your emails contain education, tips, humor and entertainment - you can pretty much send as many emails as you want."

Email Marketing ProfitsAnd it's this approach, that has enabled us to run this email campaign numerous times.

As the deadline approaches, you need to emphasise the impending doom to your subscribers.

This is the big opportunity to get the fence-sitters over the line and into the shopping cart.

There's no more selling to be done.

You don't need to justify anything.

No need to explain why the product is the best offer there is out there.

Forget listing all the benefits they get, or why they should buy this over anything else - you've done all that already.

"At the end of the campaign, all you need to do is emphasize the fear of missing out (FOMO)."

Email Marketing AutorespondersWe sent the penultimate email at 10:21pm.

Notice how we emphasise the pain of not taking action in the subject line;[pic]

"It costs you $100 more in 99 minutes."

I also included a tongue-in-cheek recap underneath the link.

This penultimate email gets massive open rates and massive sales.

So does the final email of the campaign.

1130pm EST
SUBJECT: Are you awake? List Building Black Ops going up by $100 any second...

the price is doubling at the top of the hour so grab this now


It has hardly any content.

This email is just for people that are online with 30 minutes to go.

Again, it emphasises the deadline and the increased price they will pay.

And, of course, the link to go and buy is insider every email in this entire campaign.

You have to emphasize the approaching deadline.

"The last few hours can be the most-responsive of the entire campaign. Don't miss out on these extra sales."

The number of emails you send, should increase as this campaign progresses.

As you've seen, we ran this campaign, over a single day.

You could, alternatively, stretch a campaign like this over a number of days.

The principles are be the same;

You might send one email a day on the first few days, two emails a day on the penultimate day, and three emails on the final day

By harnessing the power of all these 10 steps, you can generate a lot more sales, with your email marketing strategy.


Now you've seen everything that goes into generating a highly successful, 1-day email marketing campaign.

You can start applying these methods in your own email marketing tactics.

Now grab this free bonus training right now;


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