7 Thank You Page Examples That Work

Written by Michael Cheney. Posted on 16th March 2021

Thank You Page ExamplesThank you page examples which really work can be hard to find. Here are 7 examples which will get you more sales.

Rather than focus on what not to do, I have instead research thank you page examples which are effective at driving engagement.

Just getting someone to subscribe to your email list is not enough.

You need to make sure they stay on your list, remain engaged and buy from you.

These thank you page examples all help you do this...

In a rush? You might be thinking;

What do you put in a thank you page?

  1. Clear screenshots on how to find your email
  2. Show the Sender Email Address and Subject Line of your email
  3. Avoid giving the freebie right on the thank you page (kills engagement)
  4. Consider making an offer to drive sales
  5. Repeat the main benefits of the freebie you offered

Let's dive into the details and thank you page examples...

Thank You Page Example #1. Get Prospects to Check Their Email

Thank You Page Example #1In this first example, it does exactly what a thank you page should do.

And that is - get a prospect to check their email.

Sometimes you are so focused on trying to get a prospect to download the freebie they requested, that you can forget the objective of giving the freebie in the first place;

To get an active subscriber.

Of course you want to deliver value to your subscribers, but that prospect won't become a subscriber in the first place, unless they start opening and clicking your emails.

You need to train your subscribers to open your emails from the very first day they opt in.

As you can see from this example, I make it very clear what people need to do in order to get the free information they requested.

I explained the subject line of the email and the sender email address.

I also include direct links to the two most common email clients, Gmail  and Outlook.

This way the prospects are just one click away from getting into their inbox.

You can even take this a step further like this...

Example #2. Show Them What To Do

Thank You Page Example #2In this thank you page example, you can see the business owner has explained, step by step using screenshots, how the person can find the email.

This leaves nothing to chance.

You shouldn't assume that people go to their inbox right after subscribing.

They may forget the moment they opt in.

They could be busy when they subscribe or have their minds on other things.

Or perhaps they go to their inbox, and don't see it instantly, and then it's game over for you.

Showing how to do things in this simple way, using screenshots, ensures you get as many people as possible to open your first email.

You can even go on to explain how to search the Promotions tab, how to search Trash and spam filters etc.

You could perhaps show them how to whitelist your email address, so it always goes into their inbox.

Of course there is a fine balance between showing people what to do, but not giving them so many steps that you overwhelm them.

You don't want their first experience with you to be 1000 steps of boring screenshots and digging through their inbox.

Let's move on to another example, where you can generate sales right away with your thank you page...

Example #3. Make Them an Offer

Using an Offer on Your Thank You PageIn this thank you page example, the entrepreneur, makes an upgrade offer.

In this case it was to attend a free online event.

The upgrade is to get a "backstage pass" experience.

This is a paid offer which is directly relevant to everybody who subscribes to the free online event.

There will be quite a good uptake of people who take advantage of an offer that's related and relevant like this.

If you have existing rapport with your prospects making an offer after opt in is a great move.

The downside is you do risk alienating people who don't want to pay right away.

And maybe they don't have that rapport or connection with you yet.

If you're driving cold traffic to your opt in page, and relying on sources of prospects who are not familiar with you, this kind of approach, probably isn't for you.

Instead you should focus on getting people to open your first email - building rapport, and then making them an offer.

This paid upgrade example is pretty advanced so;

Now let's move on to a more basic approach...

Thank You Page Example #4. Get Straight to the Point

Simple Thank You PageIn this fourth thank you page example, you can see how keeping things simple, gets straight to the point.

In this example, the website owner, merely tells the prospect to go and check their email.

There are no steps and there are no screenshots.

There are no links to download anything.

On the plus side, this is very simple - people know exactly what they're supposed to do, and they will go to their inbox.

(Or at least some of them will).

This is perhaps too simple an approach because it doesn't include any steps of what to do.

There's no repeated benefits of the freebie, and no great incentive for people to dig out the email that's just been sent.

However, if you're short on time or experience this straight to the point example can work.

Now let's move on to the next example...

Example #5. Give a Surprise Free Gift

Thank You Page Example #6A quick way to get more people to like you, trust you and build rapport with your subscribers, is to offer them a surprise free gift, the moment after they opt in.

This way, they have the feelgood factor right away.

This article gives you some great digital freebie ideas. 

After you've offered them one freebie, which you send to their email inbox then you...

Simultaneously give them a download to something else on the thank you page.

The risk to this of course is you can overwhelm or confuse them.

You may be tempted to offer the download to your freebie right on your thank you page, I would advise against this.

Whilst it will give prospects what they want as quickly as possible, it won't give you what you want;

Which is active, engaged subscribers.

What you'll find happen, is almost everybody downloads the item, but never clicks a single email from you, ever again.

There is always a huge drop-off in engagement from the first email you send onwards.

And if you don't maximise the amount of people who even open your first email, you'll be losing the game right out of the gate,

But giving an additional surprise free gift like this, can help you offset this, particularly if inside this free gift you reference the original freebie.

Inside you could tell them and show them how to find the emails from you in their inbox.

Let's move on to the next example...

Example #6. Use Proof to Increase Sign Up Rate

Offer Free Trial on Thanks PageThis thank you page example was for a trial offer, directly after opting in.

You can see there was a form, which was auto-filled ready to start the free trial.

This makes it easier and quicker for people to finish the signup process.

Also, there were a number of rotating testimonials, case studies, and success stories from existing customers.

This is a great way to mention the benefits of your product or service, in a way that prospects are more likely to trust.

This may not be relevant if you're not offering a product or service directly, or you do not have a trial offer.

However, you can still copy this approach, by using case studies or testimonials about the free information that you offer.

This will encourage people to take action right away after subscribing, get to their inbox ASAP and open your first email.

Let's move on to the final example...

Example #7. Resell Benefits of Freebie to Encourage Email Open Rate

Thank You Page Example #7In this example, you can see how the website owner repeats the benefits of the freebie they're offering.

There are a number of bullet points, which explain why somebody would want to get their hands on this information.

There's even a visual representation of the free digital guide.

This is smart.

By the way, be sure to check out these landing page examples to improve your email opt in rate in the first place.

By using a progress bar, and the phrase, "almost done", this convinces the prospect to make the final step, and dig out the email in their inbox.

This is far better than just saying, "Now check your email".

It repeats the benefits that attracted the prospect in the first place.

Of course, the best approach is to combine many of these principles together, but still keeping your thank you page, compact and concise.


The thank you page examples I've shared with you on this page, will hopefully help you get more subscribers, and keep them more engaged with the emails you send.

Do you want to actually generate money with your emails? (and also see my thank you page process?)

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